November 8, 2016


YOO On The Park Offers The Latest In Technology Creating Living Spaces For Next Generation Residents Focused On Interconnected Lifestyle

From PRNewswire, June 27, 2016

Amenities Top List in Attracting Residents and Changing the Future of Home Design

The Trillist Companies, Inc., a leading developer of the most innovative residential and mixed-use properties in the United States, announced that it is partnering with industry-leading technology providers including Hotwire Communications and Google Fiber to bring next-generation technology to residents at YOO on the Park, a 25-story luxury residential property rising above Piedmont Park in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. Scott L. Leventhal, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Trillist Companies, Inc. made the announcement.

“The expectations of the demographic driving the current luxury apartment market, which includes millennials as well as discerning experienced home-seekers increasingly drawn to living in urban cores, are for personalized spaces that support an interconnected lifestyle,” said Leventhal.  “YOO on the Park is differentiated in the market by an understanding of these preferences, and providing environments with premium capabilities in bandwidth, fiber connectivity and even climate control, which is changing the future of home design.”

The entire community is wired with state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure to deliver ultra-fast High Speed Internet with bandwidth up to 10 Gigabit (Gbps), crystal-clear Digital Voice and HD Television service from Hotwire Communications. Google Fiber will also offered to residents, featuring High Speed Internet with speeds up to 1 Gigabit (Gbps), as well as HD Television.  In addition to the fiber technology infrastructure, every home at YOO on the Park is equipped with Nest Thermostats, which automatically adapts to the resident’s lifestyle while learning household patterns to control energy usage.  Lastly, USB power receptacles are located in every kitchen and master bedroom within the units, as well as throughout the community as a whole to allow our residents to plug in easily to their smart technologies.

YOO on the Park’s public spaces feature the latest technology and amenities, too.  Residents will be able to play golf in the community’s indoor golf simulator that will offer a variety of golf courses, which may be too used as a theater for big games and events.  iPad Minis will serve as hubs throughout public areas for both TV and Pandora radio.  A resident conference center will offer a large format television complete with teleconference hardware, allowing residents to speak with colleagues and friends in a professional and private setting.  Lastly, all of the community’s fitness equipment features integrated televisions, allowing residents to watch the shows they love while exercising.  Select fitness machines also offer internet connectivity and training games, allowing residents to compete with others across around the world.

“The list of amenities tailored to the next-generation of prospective home-seekers is growing, and Trillist is dedicated to creating living spaces that align the luxury lifestyle concept with the latest in home technology advances,” said Leventhal.

As a promotional offer to new residents, YOO on the Park is offering a free year-long upgrade to 1 Gigabit (Gbps) in-home internet service from Hotwire Communications.  This special offer ensures that residents of YOO on the Park experience the fastest residential internet speed currently available in the region.

YOO on the Park will commence pre-leasing this summer, with occupancy expected for fall 2016.  To be added to YOO on the Park’s VIP registration list, please visit

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